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2014- Maison du Roy, Sigean, France

2013-Two artists, Red Gold Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.

2012-Show Gallery, two artists, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

2011-Two artists, Bourbonne Les Bains Museum, France.

2010 -Michele Guerin Gallery, Limetz, France

2009 -Sala XIII, Torrelodones, Madrid, Spain.

2007 -Two artistes Gallery Naofu, Gifu, Japan

         -Two artistes, Miyabi Gallery, Nagoya, Japan

2006 -Maison du Chevalier Gallery, Carcassonne, France

2005 -Maria Villalba Gallery,  Barcelona, Spain.

         -Michele Guerin Gallery, Limetz, France

2004- Castan Gallery,  Perpignan, France.

        - “Art Paris”, Paris Art Fair , Gallery Maria Villalba.

2003- Two artistes , Art is long Gallery, Kyoto, Japan.

        - Two artistes, Today’s Gallery, Ozu, Japan.

        - Two artistes, Miyabi Gallery, Nagoya, Japan.

2002- Maria Villalba Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

2001-"Chemins Paralleles, two artistes, Gallery Mssohkan, Kobe,  Japan

        - Gallery Miyabi, Nagoya, Japan

        - Gallery  Chisai oyorokobi , Oono, Japan                                                                                   

        - "Two artistes, Le Puget Castle, Alzone , France.

2000- Maison Du Roi , Sigean.

        - Maria Villalba Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.

1999- Pilar Riberaygua Gallery, Andorra.

        - NICAF. Nagoya art fair. Naitoh Gallery.

        - Pierre Marie Vitoux Gallery. Paris.        

        - Michele Guerin  Gallery, Limetz, France

1996- SAGA (International Multiple Art Fair), Paris, Michel Guerin Gallery

        - "Print & Drawing " ,Co-op inn ,Kyoto, Japan.

1995- SAGA (Internationale Multiple Art Fair) Paris, Michel Guerin Gallery.

        - Pierre Marie Vitoux Gallery, Paris, France.

1994- TRISKEL Gallery, LINEART Int Art Fair, Gent, Belgium.

        - Michele Guerin Gallery, Bonnieres, France

1993- Era Bauro gallery, Andorra.

        - Michele Guerin Gallery, Limetz, France

1992- Naito gallery, Nagoya, Japan.

        - Pierre-Marie Vitoux gallery, Paris.

        - SAGA (International Multiple Art Fair), Paris, Pierre-Marie Vitoux gallery.

        - Espace Cardin, Paris, Triskel gallery.

        - MAC 2000, Grand Palais, Paris.

1991- SAGA (International Multiple Art Fair), Paris, Triskel gallery.

        - LINEART, International Art Fair, Gent (Belgium), Triskel gallery.

1990- Pierre-Marie Vitoux gallery, Paris.

        - Espace Gauthier, Narbonne.

1989- Galerie d’Art Contemporain, Chamalières

1987- Espace Gambetta, Carcassonne

        - MAC 2000, Grand Palais, Paris.

1986- Galerie du Soir, Paris.

1985- Galerie du Haut-Pavé, Paris.

        - The International Art Fair, Basel, Lahumière gallery.

        - Maison de la Culture, Courbevoie.













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